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A Word from our President

A word from president Yumiko Hoshiba

Yumiko Hoshiba

Change Your Point of View, Change Your Tomorrow.

In April of 1985, when the year 2000 still seemed like the distant future, Discover21 was conceived by founder Mamoru Ito as a company that would beckon the 21st century.

The 20th century was already in full swing when I was born. At that point in time people were living with a fairly uniform set of values. But the 21st century is different. People of the 21st century can choose their own values, and what is important to them as individuals. Discover21 is here to help you to not only make those choices, but also to help you thrive in this bright future.

Since our founding, I have often made it a point to ask myself, "Why does a company like ours exist?" For me there is one reason: Enjoyment. It hasn't been easy, but it has always been enjoyable.

New goals, new methods, and new points of view are constantly taking shape. Moreover, words of passion and gratitude from our customers lead to new projects and and the continual renewal of our company.

Ours is a truly wonderful working environment. Ours is a truly wonderful life. Just as our mission statement suggests: "Change Your Point of View. Change Your Tomorrow." We believe this is the best recipe for happiness.

We believe that we should share this message with not only our readers and their families, but also with our business partners, bookstores, and indeed the industry as a whole. Through this message, we can share joy and inspiration. This is our mission, and the biggest contribution we can make.

And so it is a personal objective of each and every one of our employees to spread this message near and far. In other words we make it not only our goal but our responsibility to find enjoyment in our work. There is enjoyment in self-fulfillment. There is enjoyment in being the best you can be. We believe that there is a place at Discover21 for each of us to find that enjoyment.

At Discover21, we understand that happy employees mean happy customers. We keep this in mind as we strive every day for a better tomorrow.

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