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  3. 17 October, 2015

17 October, 2015

During the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair, more than 40 publishers from more than 20 countries visited Discover 21, requesting books and more books. What was more surprising was that Russian and Greek publishers also came directly for children’s books and health books, which gave us a glimpse into the reading needs of those markets.

A special guest visited on October 14th, our first day at the fair. Seigaku is the author of one of our latest publications, The Zen of Eating. Currently living in Berlin, Mr. Seigaku is spreading the Zen way of living he learned during his time at a 700-year-old temple in Japan. The mere presence of Mr. Seigaku in his kasaya hat attracted unbelievable foot traffic, with people coming by to see this authentic Eastern monk and bathe in the serenity he brought along. Thanks to him, the Spanish and Italian rights of The Zen of Eating were sold during the fair.



On October 16th, another special guest came. The former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, came to visit us after his speech at the Blue Sofa. Mr. Kan’s latest work on the Fukushima disaster retrospects the happenings after the 3/11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, and argues that this crisis alone is reason enough for his “No Nuke” stance. (German version title: Als Premierminister waehrend der Fukushima-Krise)  

Besides the titles by these guests, our books on Japanese and Buddhist lifestyle are still the most popular. From decluttering the house to the Zen of Eating, the Japanese way of cleaning inside and out has become a hot topic the world over. Also quite popular were our books on parenting as well as our light novels. Now we are working on a co-production project of Novelidol with one of the China’s largest publishers, and during the fair we had at least two more publishers from Thailand and Vietnam show interest in it as well. Hajime Humino, the face of Novelidol, is ready to go abroad!




We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of you who came to visit us. Without you, the book fair would not have been nearly as much as of a success. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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