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  3. 31 January, 2013

31 January, 2013



STYLE from TOKYO 2010S/S for iPad is the world first and bilingual electronic photo book with sound. 

■ STYLE from TOKYO 2010S/S for iPad 

■ Author: Rei Shito

■ Price: $9.99

On sale at the App store!  Go and check in the entertainment category.

■ Release format: 

This photo book comes in 3 release formats.

The iPad edition containing all of the content was released on August 8.

The iPhone edition will be released in 2 parts—“Boys” and “Girls”—edited out of the content of the iPad edition, in late-August for tentative price of $3.99.

And finally, the print edition will be released next year.


■ About this photo journal

The fashion scene is now being stormed by fashion bloggers. 
They are the new occupants of the first rows at Paris collection fashion shows, taking over the charismatic editors of top fashion magazines. 
Rei Shito, the author of this photo e-book, is one of such new breed of creators leading today’s fashion scene. 
Her Japanese/English bilingual website STYLE from TOKYO features snap shots of Tokyo street fashion, especially street snaps from Harajuku, for her followers world-wide. 
STYLE from TOKYO 2010S/S for iPad is her first photo book, now available as an iPad application from Discover 21.







■ Three unique features

1. Bilingual format 
Rei’s website is bilingual for the convenience of the visitors from around the world.
In the same spirit, her photo book, too, is bilingual.
2. Alive with video and sound 
The reader can watch and hear the bustle of Harajuku, recorded by the author herself, and experience the live feel of the street culture of Tokyo.
The reader can also hear her comments and watch the video of shooting scenes.

Watch the interview with Rei Shito for free!


3. Interface with Twitter 

Tap the Twitter icon on the navigation bar below on the application screen, then the screen automatically jumps to the Twitter screen.  This application has default hash tag (#sft201022) and the author’s weblog URL.
Enjoy sharing your comments with other followers across the world!



■ About Rei Shito

Japan’s No. 1 fashion blogger and street snap photographer.

She was born in Kaga-city, Ishikawa Prefecture, and educated at Waseda University, Department of Education.  Rei began her career in modeling as an undergraduate, and is now active in a wide variety of activities including acting in film and theater, TVCM and music PV, in addition to modeling.  She is also skilled in speed-reading and Japanese kimono dressing & manners. 

After building her career as a fashion photographer for street fashion and culture magazines “STREET,” “FRUiTS” and “TUNE,” she became a freelance fashion photographer and launched the bilingual website STYLE from TOKYO specialized in Tokyo street style fashion.  Rei is Japan’s No. 1 fashion blogger and is a fashion icon representing Harajuku street culture. 

Her works have been introduced in featured articles in JAPAN TIMES and ASAHI SHINBUN, one of the major Japanese newspapers.  Reflecting her international popularity, she was invited to a photo exhibition in Moscow in May, 2010.  Recently, she has started her own column on a Chinese site.  Rei is the only Japanese fashion blogger selected as one of the world’s 11 most influential street snap bloggers at Fashionista.com


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