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Who We Are

Our Vision

With the mission to help "Discover Your Resource," we have dedicated ourselves to providing readers with new points of view and the chance to find new ideas, ways of life, and opportunities they never knew existed. Let us help you discover your resource too.

Discover 21 is highly regarded across Japan as one of the most innovative publishers in the field. Primarily publishing personal growth, business, and practical guidebooks, Discover 21 has a large and dedicated reader base, and is known for its high percentage of books that become instant hits.

Our Strengths

Direct-sales strategy

Going against standard industry practice, Discover 21 has forged contracts with 4,000 bookstores across Japan through its direct-sales approach. We are constantly expanding the number of contracted bookstores across Japan.

Reader loyalty of the Discover 21 brand

One of the distinguishing features of Discover is the close relationship we have with our readers. From special events, to monthly author talks, and even reader appreciation parties, we regularly create opportunities to meet with our fans, contributing to loyalty our readers have to the Discover brand.

We are constantly creating new kinds of publications

Whether it is our women's business book series or the Twitter novel genre, Discover has created a variety of new genres in the publishing field, allowing us to help change the perspectives of our readers. In addition to these new genres, Discover has also helped spark the careers of bestselling authors such as Kazuyo Katsuma and Kazuyoshi Komiya.

Early adoption of e-books

In response to the needs of 21st century readers in 2009, Discover 21 created the Digital Contents department and opened an e-book site unrivalled in scale. In addition to the sale of books through the Discover 21 website, readers can also download our products from the Apple App Store.Using the development of e-book products to our advantage, Discover 21 hopes to overcome national, cultural, and lingual barriers and deliver our products to readers of the world.

About Us