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Keisuke (Shoukei) Matsumoto


Keisuke (Shoukei) Matsumoto is a Shin-Buddhist monk who serves at Komyoji Temple in Kyoto. He was selected as one of the Young Global Leader Honourees by the World Economic Forum 2013.
He is an author of many books, and is regarded as one of the most charismatic figures in the Buddhist world today. Graduating from Tokyo University’s School of Religious Studies and completing MBA at Indian School of Business, Matsumoto opened the website higan.net, using it as a platform to hold concerts, as well as attract customers to his temple café “Kamiyacho Open Terrace.” Having been undertaking unique activities, he has received domestic and international attention including the Financial Times UK. Matsumoto is a member of the Renge-Ji Institute for Buddhist Research, as well as a delegate for The U.S.-Japan Leadership Program.