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Kukai (774? – 835) was a Buddhist monk from the Heian Period in Japan.Some of Kukai’s notable works include the construction of the Mannoike Dam in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan’s first private educational institution, the Shugei Shuchi-in (School of Arts and Sciences), penning of the Bunkyo Hifuron (Review on Chinese Style Poetry), and the discovery of several hot springs throughout Japan, to name a few.

At 18 Kukai traveled to Nara in order to study at Daigakuryo, the government university, during which he first began to develop an interest in Buddhism. At age 31, Kukai traveled to China to study esoteric Buddhism, becoming a missionary at Kozan-ji Temple, and then Todai-ji Temple, after returning to Japan. Kukai passed away in March, 835 at the age of 62.