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Marehisa Ishii


Marehisa Ishii is a Japanese Christian pastor known as MARRÈ, a representative of Committed Co., Ltd., and an active author, musician, and a counselor, whose goal is to contribute to society through his activities and body of work. Back in his teenage years, Ishii began questioning whether there was any justice in the Japanese education system, prompting him to later open Japan’s first anarchistic free school, the Terakoya School, which garnered great attention from society and the media alike.

His unique music career includes the release of his debut album on Polydor Records, as well as participating as a member of the group Heavenese, whose goal is to “show the soul of Japan to the world.” His activity as a unique musician involves releasing the debut CD from one of the Polydor Records’ labels, and working as a member of Heavenese, which was founded based on the concept to “let the world show Japanese soul.”

Ishii chose to become a pastor after completing an internship at Calvary Chapel La Habra, learning standard counseling and pre-counseling methods, as well as studying the Bible.Ishii is Currently currently involved in relationship counseling held at the KICK BACK CAFÉ, which was founded and run by Ishii himself.

Having earned the trust of readers with his straightforward yet caring advice, Ishii has published a number of books through various publishers, and is constantly surrounded by his numerous followers.