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How to Effectively Learn by Listening: The Audiobook Method

How to Effectively Learn by Listening: The Audiobook Method

“Reading is such a pain!”

“My eyes get tired after reading too much text.”

“I’m too busy to make time to read a book.”

If the above sounds familiar to you, than this guide to “reading with your ears” is the perfect book for you. Learn how you can more effectively use your time by listening to audiobooks rather than reading. This guide includes a guide to outstanding audiobooks and audiobook services, as well as scientific explanations as to why listening is more effective than reading!

By using the “reading with your ears method” you can increase your reading capacity drastically while also making the most of your time. Whether during your morning commute, on your daily jog, or even as you relax in the bath, the places and ways you can “read with your ears” are limitless.

Another fantastic feature of the “reading with your ears” method is it allows you to give your eyes a break The amount of time we spend every day using our eyes to do things like read the newspaper, watch television, work on computers, send text messages from our phones is increasing drastically. Reading with an audiobook is the perfect way to pamper your eyes after long hours of staring at screens.

To get the most out of your audiobook experience, How to Effectively Learn by Listening includes guides to the different kinds of audiobook providers, how to purchase from them, useful tools, recommended audiobooks, and more!

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How to Live Like a Lady

A Review Course on a Lady's Lifestyle

What do you picture when you hear the word “lady?”

Do you imagine a wealthy woman with an illustrious background?

Is she self-absorbed and out of touch with society?

While these are the kinds of ladies you may have imagined, a lady of the 21st century is the complete opposite.

A modern lady lives a rich, high-quality life, but this is achieved through the satisfaction she gains from her interactions with people and the world around her rather than the amount of money she spends on things.

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How to Look Appealing with the Power of Your Voice


A nice voice draws out your charm!
Express yourself better by developing the power of your voice.

Have you ever wondered why you couldn't fully convey your feeling to others, or felt that you were left out of a conversation? The author suggests that that is because the power of your voice wasn’t effective enough. The reason why you’ve been told your voice is “too quiet,” “difficult to make out,” or perhaps even “not convincing enough,” is all because your voice is lacking in power.  We present this unique personal growth title featuring the solution for those who are troubled by this kind of problem.

The book consists of various exercises to enhance the power of your voice by improving the tone of your natural voice you normally use, which will increase self confidence and help you find new potential in yourself.  This isn’t an ordinary how-to book on techniques to make yourself look better for certain occasions, such as giving presentations or speeches. Instead, it illustrates how you can make yourself more appealing by refining the way you let out your voice, manner of speech, posture, and your mentality in certain ways. In this book, author Misumi Otsuki, an experienced vocal trainer for various singers and business executives, sets 10 levels to measure the degree of appeal of your voice, ranging from the kind of voice you use to talk to someone one-on-one to the voice to move the masses, providing different exercises for each level. 

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How to Make a Mega Hit

How to Make a Megahit

This is a book on WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing studies.

It a well-known fact that everyone knew the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar would be a record-breaking film three days before its release. Successully solving this unprecedented challenge in marketing studies, authors Yoshida, Ishii, and Aragaki present a mathematical model of WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing success, which can be used to mathematize CGM (Consumer Generated Marketing). How to Make a Megahit explores the megahit production process and provides a concrete methodology for how to produce megahit products.

With Ishii’s thesis “Mathematical model for hit phenomena as stochastic process of interactions of human interactions” gaining significant attention from the academic and entertainment sectors abroad, a number of articles about his hit-prediction model have been written recently. This book offers an unprecedented challenge in marketing studies in providing a mathematical model of WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing success.

Bloomfield Noble: Buzz more Important than Advertising

CNN – The Marquee Blog: Can an Equation Predict Box Office Success?

Hollywood Reporter: Japanese Scientists Produce Mathematical Model to Predict Box Office from Social Media Activity

New Journal of Physics: The ‘Hit’ Phenomenon: A Mathematical Model of Human Dynamics Interactions and Stochastic Process

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How to Prevent Misunderstanding and Conflict when Speaking

How to Prevent Misunderstanding and Conflict when Speaking: As Taught by a Media Training Professional

Have you ever heard of the word “media training?” Simply put, media training helps prepare you for how to speak to the mass media. It’s is often utilized by people who have to give crisis control (i.e. apology) press conferences. Author Yamaguchi has, over his 17 years as a media training educator, taught over 3500 individuals ranging from CEOs and top managerial professionals from major corporations, PR managers, government officials, politicians and other top business professionals.

The most important aspect of media training is practicing how to speak so that your words cannot be misconstrued. To those of you wondering whether or not this means you need to change the way you normally talk? The answer is, of course, yes. In order to not be misunderstood it’s vital to speak not in the order in which things occurred, but instead from what is most important. Simply by changing the order in which you speak from chronological order to priority order (also called the inverse pyramid speaking order) you can drastically reduce misunderstandings.

Another key aspect to is learning how to properly answer difficult questions from reporters, confidently conveying your ideas without saying anything that could be interpreted in a negative light. Media training methods used to avoid misunderstandings at press conferences can also be used to prevent problems over social media networks.

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How to Revolutionize Your Company

The End of Corporations

Author Koga, a seasoned venture capitalist who has worked at some of the most elite companies worldwide, including McKinsey & Company, has directly assisted over 50 companies start-up, develop, and expand their investments. In How to Revolutionize Your Company he explains how we can gain back what was lost during long periods of economic stagnation and depression by revolutionizing the way we approach business.

In order to move forward we must free ourselves from the three pillars of business which have contributed to our downfall more than anything else: 1) strategies based upon choice and centralization  2) overreliance on medium-term management plans  3) customer-centric policies.

While these concepts might sound difficult, don’t be fooled by the author’s qualifications – this isn’t a book written for hardcore consultants or management pros. Rather, The End of Corporations is a title for business professionals new and veteran alike. After all, it is us – not some mysterious and unseen board of stuffy CEOs and other high-ups – who have the power to change the very face of corporate culture.

Providing concrete, real-world examples of revolutionary business practices from companies like General Electric, Google, Toyota, Yahoo, and Honda, Koga examines “the way things are” and “the powers that be” from the inside out. Readers will gain an entirely new and life-changing perspective on what it means to be a part of the business world, as well as how their actions can contribute to positive change. 

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How to Save Money when You Earn 2 Million Yen a Year

How to Save Money when You Earn 2 Million Yen a Year

A bad economy is not something to fear as long as you have money saved up. Super consultant Yokoyama tells all, using a 90-day method to learn lifetime skills for increasing saving capacity.

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How to Save Money when You Earn 2 Million Yen a Year - The 90-Day Practice Book

How to Save Money when You Earn 2 Million Yen a Year - The 90-Day Practice Book

A practice notebook to accompany the popular How to Save Money when You Earn 2 Million Yen a Year . Cut your fixed costs with the Yokoyama method and see an improvement in 90 days.

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How to Select and Read Books to Improve Your Mind - As Told by Top University Students

How to Select and Read Books to Improve Your Mind - As Told by Top University Students

To students who find themselves thinking:

“Books? What do I need to read a book for?”

“But I’m too busy with school and extracurriculars to read…”

“I don’t know what kind of books to read…”

“I’ll start reading once I’m done with school.”

While there are lots of you who think this way, it’s a total waste! Reading can help you:

-    Learn new words and ways to think logically

-    Improve your ability to understand, write, and concentrate

-    Expose you to new points of view

-    Help give you the knowledge necessary to survive in the “grown-up” world

But for those of you who are still worried that you don’t know what to read – no need to worry! Students from some of Japan’s most elite universities have written this book to help you find the perfect title to boost your brain. Even though reading takes little effort, it’s fun and can help improve your mind, so why not pick up this book and learn what to read today?

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How to Understand Business Finances! 41 Pieces of Common Knowledge on Business Finance

How to Understand Business Finances! 41 Pieces of Common Knowledge on Business Finance

Why are same-day hotel reservations so cheap?

Why did JAL suddenly fall into massive debt?

If you understand the essentials of business finance, then understanding the answers to these questions will be a breeze.

In order to win any kind of sports game or match, there is one essential you cannot be without: rules. If you can’t understand the rules, then there’s no way you can win. Furthermore, if you want to increase your chances of winning you need to then have a grasp of strategic theories for each game.

Business works the same way: there are rules and strategic theories that will help increase your profits and beat your competitors. In order to understand and put these to use, you need to have some way to measure your own business’ success; whether it is doing good or bad, what needs to be improved, etc. The most effective tool of measurement in business is numbers. These numbers are not limited only to profit, but also include personal net worth and break-even points, to name a few.

In How to Understand Business Finances learn the essentials behind “the company’s numbers” in an easy-to-read, illustrated format. By the time you’ve finished the book, you will have enough essential knowledge to understand and make business finance work for you!

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