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“Just one minute. Spend that time being with yourself.” This is a book, or rather, a jewelry box packed with glittering music and lyrics, by a member of one of the most popular music bands in Japan, “HY.”

Work, love, family… at times, we could get blind to important things in our lives. Izumi Nakasone, HY’s keyboard and vocal, started posting one minute song series “izupera,” wishing to remind people of the precious emotions and memories. This book is born out of her popular Instagram project, with photos and essays Nakasone crafted for this publication. What’s more, it comes with the limited edition of the CD. Whether you are a HY fan, a mother like Nakasone, a woman with worries, this is a book for you. 


About the Author

Ms. Izumi Nakasone is a keyboard and vocal of the Japanese music band HY.

HY was formed in 2000, and has been producing music that has hit the first place in billboard number of times. Their songs such as “NAO” or “366 days” have been popular among the people of all ages and genders. Her Instagram account is one of the most popular ones in Japan.  

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