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Want to change your old, unhealthy self? Try self-care then! Japanese live long and healthy, because they know the importance of self-care. This book is full of prescriptions—yoga, stretch, acupuncture, diet—just over a week, you will become a different person.

Life is not easy for women with work and family. The top priority could be often forgotten amid your busy life--“self-care.” This book provides you with a recipe for “self-care” for today’s busy women. We know of your busy life, and that’s why we’ve made it easy for you to practice in spare time. One more good news is that the program is just a week long. See how you feel differently in a week and get the habit of self-care! 


1. Preface

2. Recipe for self-care, your life partner

3. 12 habits to prevent unhealthy body and mind

4. 5 rules to be good to yourself 

5. Postface

About the Author

Hanako Yamamoto is a yoga and fitness instructor with 22 years of experience in teaching yoga and fitness. She majored in dance and art expression at college, and upon graduation from college, went

on to become a fitness dance instructor. At the age of 30, with her health decline, Ms. Yamamoto started pursuing a career in yoga. In 2014, she opened her private studio Studio Beets.  

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