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Today, one often hears people saying, “the world is descending into chaos.” We have to admit that it is actually chaotic—the US, UK, North Korea, just to mention a few. But then what? Business still needs to find its way to sail through the wild waves of uncertainty. And how? This book is your guide. 

Remember the collapse of the Berlin Wall? Today’s world is going exactly the opposite way to how we once imagined it would. Why? The author, with 30 years of experience in international journalism, traces today’s chaos back to its historical roots. Unlike plain history textbooks, this book depicts the dynamisms of history from an experienced journalist’s point of view, filled with fresh, raw voices of the actual people. 10 insights that the author provides in this book will empower you to navigate your way through this chaos.


1. Rise of nations in globalism

2. Collapse of the Berlin Wall

3. Brexit and the US Trump election 

4. Failure of the EU immigration policies

5. National character and Korean struggles

6. Power of nuclear weapon in globalism

7. Religion and ISIS

8. Putin, Russia, and crisis of democracy 

9. Rebirth of Empire

10. Japan’s national security problems  

About the Author

Mr. Chiharu Mori has been working for one of the major Japanese

newspaper companies, Yomiuri Newspaper, for the last 35 years.

He has worked in Germany, Seoul, and the UK, where he was the

chief reporter for Yomiuri’s EU coverage. He graduated from the

University of Tokyo with a bachelor degree in German Studies. 

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