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Create peace and harmony in your everyday life!

 You too can find more balance in your life through mindfulness and awareness.  A Zen priest shares easy-to-understand Buddhist practices that you can apply to your busy, seemingly hectic life.

With just a little bit of effort you can improve your family life, personal life, and indeed your professional life in no time at all.  


1.Because no one else is going to do it

2.Be the first to give

3.Using words to motivate and inspire

4.Do it for your people, your community, your world

5.Feel, empathize, be grateful

6.Live with discipline

7.Don’t get disheartened when you fail

8.Improve a little bit each day

9.Make quiet time for yourself

10.Growth and support for life and beyond

About the Author

Osho Nansen was appointed to the prestigious position of head priest of Jigen temple in 1998.  Far from a bland ascetic, he makes it his duty to spread Buddhist teachings to the masses, believing that everyone can better themselves and their existence with just a little bit of wisdom.

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