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Even though you’ve been studying English for several years and aced the TOEIC or TOEFL, do you still find yourself struggling to speak?

100 Carefully Selected English Sentences for Businesspeople contains 100 phrases that are frequently used in business and everyday conversation. Just by remembering the 100 phrases in this book, each of which are presented with two example sentences, you’ll be able to speak English with ease.

As all the phrases are introduced in sentences that detail the ins and outs of a typical businessman’s day, readers stay both entertained and engaged as they work their way through book. This story-based learning method also makes it easier for readers to remember certain phrases and recall them in times of need.

As an added bonus the book contains 100 practice questions and a free downloadable voice file containing 500 sentences.


Part One: Getting Ready for Work

Part Two: At the Office

Part Three: A Busy Morning

Part Four: An Early Meeting

Part Five: It’s Almost Lunchtime

Part Six: A Perfectly Timed Call

Part Seven: I’m an English Wiz

Part Eight: Visiting a Client

Part Nine: An Afternoon Briefing

Part Ten: Going Out With My Coworkers

About the Author

Yoichi Hareyama

A graduate of the Institute of Interregional Philosophy, Waseda University, Hareyama is the author of over 100 books on English. In 2010 he started holding “10 Second English Class” over Twitter in which he introduces snippets of interesting English each day.

Christopher Belton

Belton is a freelance writer and translator. His English-language novels Crime sans Frontieres, Isolation, and Nowhere to Run were published internationally, while within Japan he is best known for his nonfiction books on learning English. 

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