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Two of the strongest leaders in the English education field teach how, by using the “hop skip jump” method, that you can easily learn English while having fun. If the following apply to you, use this book immediately to solve your English worries!

  1. You’re easily bored and can’t seem to continue studying for long periods of time.
  2. You “don’t have enough time.”
  3. You don’t have any money left over from English-learning expenses like tutoring services and study abroad.
  4. There are simply too many textbooks and you don’t know where to begin.
  5. You’ve experienced episodes of failure and “lack the confidence” to study.
  6. Studying feels like a waste of time since you don’t have any chances to use it.
  7. You have no idea how English can benefit you.

If many of the above apply to you, why not give the 100 tips written in this book some consideration? You’re sure to find the perfect study methods to help you learn English effectively!


For beginners:

-   Learn the difference between pronunciation of “hat” “hut” and “hot.”

-   How to memorize seven new words in a minute

For intermediate learners

-   Learn the meanings of words with a children’s English dictionary

-   Increase your opportunities to use English by doing language exchange on Skype

For advanced learners

-   Send your thoughts about an English book to its author after reading

-   Try teaching English to others

About the Author

Yoichi Hareyama

Yoichi Hareyama is an author and English researcher. Previously working as a software development manager, he later went on to become an editor of English-learning textbooks. In addition to his published works, Hareyama has also written serials and articles for magazines, and contributed to podcasts.

Hideyuki Matsumoto

Hideyuki Matsumoto is an English-teaching coach who achieved a perfect score on the TOIEC English proficiency exam. Using his experience in dealing with supply chain businesses with corporations in US, China, and Europe, he is regarded as a successful planning advisor. In addition to planning, he also produces seminars and offers personal coaching programs.

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