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We all know that first impressions shape our personal and professional relationships. But it’s easy to say, hard to do. What if, though, all you need is 3 seconds and 10 minutes? It could be that simple.


As the world becomes more connected than ever, we have ever more interactions with people who don’t share our cultural and social customs. In these situations—be it business or politics—it is essential to make a great first impression to smoothly get things started. Needless to say, this is the same for personal life as well. Miho Konishi, an experienced television commentator, has been practicing the art of the impression management for decades, and wants to share her secrets. According to hear, it takes just 3 seconds and 10 minutes to make a great impression. What are you waiting for?

1. All you need is the first 3 seconds 

2. Everything begins with listening

3. Now it’s time to talk. How?

4. Epilogue

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About the Author

Ms. Miho Konishi is a television commentator at Nihon Television, one of the

biggest television companies in Japan. Since 1992, Ms. Konishi has been in the television industry, and worked in several locations in and out of Japan. She is one of the most well known commentators in Japan, and she has interviewed 1700 people at a television show where she plays the main commentator.

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