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No stamping. No body turn. No follow through.
Based on ancient Japanese martial arts and theories of physics, this revolutionary golf theory will unleash the potential of your drive.

You can break your record at any age!

The author’s YouTube video “300 Yards Drive Made Easy” went viral among Japanese golfers.
Now, the secret of his record-breaking 405 yards drive will be revealed in one book.
All the conventional golf sayings are actually wrong?
“Stamp your foot on the ground in address position.”
“Twist your body and charge the force in take back position.”
“Shift your weight in swing position.”
“Twist your waist sharply at the lowest point.”
“Get a good follow through.”
“A golf club with a heavy head and hard shaft is good for a long distance swing.”
And so on and so forth.
Golfers are familiar with all these teachings, but actually, they are simply wrong.
A perfect drive does not require neither muscle nor vitality. Technically, any average golfer can easily hit 250 yards.
Furthermore, 300 yards drive is quite possible by learning a bit of techniques.
・Narrow your stance almost to an unstable degree.
・Do not twist your body at take back position, but simply turn your body to the right.
・Drop your golf club from top to bottom, instead of swinging it around your body.
・Keep your arms in front of your chest.
・Stop your stroke right before it hits a ball.
・And etc.,

14 drills and 3 lessons in this book will forever change what you know about golf.


Part 1: 10 conventional golf sayings that are actually wrong
Address / Take back / Twist / Swing / Weight shift / Turn
Head speed / Follow through / Power / Club spec

Part 2: Break your mental limits! Drive drills for the maximum distance
Drill 1 Free flow address and starting position that frees your back and lower body
Drill 2 Do not twist your body at take back position, but fold the left side of your body
And more…
Special, advanced lessons that will instantly add 50 yards to your drive
Lesson 1 Know your 300 yards muscle
Lesson 2 Swing with both of your foot on the ground
Lesson 3 Break your mental limit

Part 3: How to win a driving contest
What is driving contest?
Mental training for driving contest
Body care for driving contest

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