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Leader of the Gamushara Oendan, a Japanese all-male cheer group, leaves readers with 38 pieces of advice about how to live an honest and fulfilling life. Muto’s inspiring and daring takes on life include pieces of advice like “If you don’t cry, you’ve failed!” and “if life isn’t fun, find the guts to do something unexpected and new!”

Other pieces of advice include:

“The fact that you feel uneasy is proof of how much you’ve put your heart into it!”

“If there’s nothing you feel passionate about, reflect back to your kindergarten years.”

“If you’re able to look at where you were a year ago and laugh, then you’ve succeeded.”

“The person who can cheer you on the best is you!”



Chapter 1. The Self: Set Your Heart on Fire!

Chapter 2. Work: If You Feel Lost, Continue to Move Forward!

Chapter 3. Social Relations: Don’t Try to Read Between the Lines!

Chapter 4. Life: Live Your Life 100%!!

About the Author

Muto had always dreamed of being a member of his school’s cheer group, but after only two weeks of practice on his high school’s team he left after folding to the pressure involved. However, no matter how many years passed Muto was never able to shake his desire to be in an oendan, he founded the first-ever all-adult oendan Gamushara. Gamushara is the only professional oendan in Japan, and has given thousands of performances in Japan and overseas. 

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