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Discipline or harassment? It is hard to know the difference, especially in childbearing. One of the most

well-read web magazine series on the subject was turned into a book! A must-read for any supervisors.

From time to time, you may experience a situation like this—your kids are making the same mistakes once again, and all you can do is to scold at them, once again. At that point, you might want to examine why the same thing keeps happening again and again. It’s time to turn to “the five principles.” As simple as they are,

these principles can drastically change the way you treat your children or anyone under your supervision. It

is an easy and practical solution to your long struggles. Start today! 


1. No one’s value is same as you

2. No one does what’s imposed

3. Everyone has three good points

4. Children are growing every day

5. First, talk. Scold in emergency

About the Author

Mr. Katsunori Ishida is a representative of Design Lab. Mr. Ishida started his own cram school at the age of 20, and taught over 3,500 students. Including his seminars, more than 50,000 people have benefited from his methods. He holds MBA and a masters degree in education, and has written many books.    

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