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Winner of both the 2013 Harvard Business Review Readers’ Choice award and the 2014 Business Book Award grand prize.

Finally the last 100 years of business have been condensed into one volume.  Esteemed writer Koji Mitani discussed more than 90 different business concepts from the early 20th century all the way to the present day.  50 Giants of Strategy is informative yet accessible, and is sure to appeal to businesspeople of all stripes.


1. Three origins of modern management
2. The creation of management as we know it
3. Expansion of positioning marketing
4. Rivalry in the capability movement
5. Integration and coordination
6. The business environment of the era, and an intro into strategy
7. The final answer: adaptive strategy

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About the Author

Koji Mitani is an Business Book Award and Harvard Business Review Award-winning and author and professor, with consulting  experience at Boston Consulting Group and Accenture.  He is currently the director of a non-profit organization focusing on education for people of all ages.  He is considered a trusted and respected authority on business in Japan.

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