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The idea of PR is to change people’s behavior.  This book examines many of those factors, as well as effective and unorthodox strategies that major companies have used in the past.  PR is a battle of information on a worldwide stage, and 6 Rules of Strategic PR can help you put your best foot forward.



1.PR is about atmosphere2.The recipe for creating interest3.PR around the world4.Local factors and the social tide5.The serendipity factor6.The trust factor7.Appeal to tradition8.The earnestness factor9.Demonstrating tact

About the Author

Tetsuya Honda is the representative director and CEO of Blue Current Japan, which he founded in 2006.  Before that he had worked at Fleishmanhillard, one of the largest PR firms in the world.  He was chosen as one of the most influential PR consultants in the world by PRWeek magazine in 2015. 

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