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Author Tami Ashisawa introduces 64 methods she used to successfully make her husband rich. With experience studying abroad in New York under her belt, Ashisawa married after returning to Japan and worked her way up to position of Vice President at an international trading company. During this period she discovered how to inspire her unmotivated husband, and introduces in this book exactly what she did in order to achieve the prosperity they now enjoy.

64 Ways to Make Your Husband Rich is the latest book from popular women’s writer and lecturer Tami Ashisawa. According to the author, the key to making your husband rich is to make him feel both physically and mentally that he is “valued and loved.” Making your husband feel valued and loved will help improve his self-esteem, which will in turn also improve his performance at work. However, it’s important to note that the secret to successfully pulling this off is to genuinely express your love and feelings to your husband.

This volume is packed with valuable knowledge and tips that anyone can do. In taking care of yourself and your husband, you will be able to live a happy, prosperous life as a married couple.


・  The importance of washing and changing bed sheets and your pajamas every day.

・  Don’t bring your husband along on long shopping trips.

・  Prepare your husband’s nightly bath and after-dinner drink perfectly!

・  Don’t complain about your husband in front of your children.

・  Say your husband’s name frequently.

About the Author

Tami Ashisawa

After studying abroad in New York for four years, Ashisawa married and went on to become the vice president of an international company in Japan. As a working mother, Ashisawa enjoys the time she spends with her children, and has also been successful at greatly increasing her income over the years. Ashisawa is currently enjoying the benefits from all the work she put into her marriage, and leads an extremely happy life as both a wife and mother. She frequently holds lectures on how to enjoy fashion and shopping without breaking the bank, and has been published multiple times by a variety of publishers and magazines.

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