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This book contains a program to organize and direct your thoughts and emotions toward the highest self-awareness and mental toughness  

By just keeping this journal for 7 days,

you will be able to acquire the top level athlete’s habit of keeping journal. 


□You will become calm and resilient to stress

□You will fully unleash the true potential 

□You will become positive


The author, who is an Olympic medalist and mental training coach, shares the secret of her journaling method that is useful for business and sports alike.

Learn the top level athlete’s way of keeping journal!


*This book is a specially edited version of a book published by the name of Emotional Journal for the Best Version of Yourself by Shuwa System Ltd., in 2013.



Know what your stress is really about

DAY 1 Write Down Today’s Emotions

DAY 2 Observe How Your Emotions Change from Morning to Evening

DAY 3 Imagine Someone Else Having Different Emotions in Your Environment 

DAY 4 Take Advantage of Your Unconscious Thinking Pattern

DAY 5 Organize Your Stress

DAY 6 Review Your Own Journal

DAY 7 Analyze Your Current Challenges

Reflection Face Yourself From Now On

About the Author

Miyako Tanaka

Miyako Tanaka is a certified mental training coach by Japan Sports Psychology Association. In 1988, she won a bronze medal in synchronized swimming in Seoul Olympics. After working as a mental coach for the national wheelchair basketball team in Japan, she advised on the national sports teams in Japan, United States and France. She received a Masters degree in sports psychology from Saint Mary's College of California Graduate School.  With her own experience in competitive sports and academic research, she works as a mental training coach and consultant for athletes and business clients. Tanaka has been featured in many TV programs in Japan.

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