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From West to East, Old to New, this book collects 77 excellent parables with life lessons we can extract from them. Instead of seeing them as just old stories, the author attempts to give each of them a place in today’s world, revealing different meanings of life from different angles.  

This book is useful not only for self-reflection, but also for presentations at business settings and other occasions. For this purpose, every parable is summarized to fit a 2 min speech, adjusted to spoken words. You can quote your favorite parables at any occasions!

77 parables are categorized into 15 chapters.

Go to a chapter that resonates with your situation, and you shall find a right parable for you!

A good introduction to the world of parables, this book gives diverse perspectives on life and work.


1 Perspective and standpoint  
2 Wide perspective and flexible thinking
3 Consideration and judgment
4 Clarity and creativity
5 Organizational principles
6 Work and meaning
7 Justice and community
8 Technology and society… etc.,

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About the Author

Tomohiro Toda was born in Aichi, Japan, in 1960. Toda graduated from Hokkaido University with a degree in engineering and Hosei University with a degree in sociology. Toda is a writer and career counselor. Toda’s books have sold more than 230,000 copies.

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