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Prolific author Emiko Kato offers a wide variety of advice for how to be elegant and always make a good impression.

80 Rules For Elegance is divided into chapters for easy reference. You are sure to notice a huge difference in your interactions by applying just a handful of these simple rules to your life!



1.An elegant appearance

2.Elegant conversation

3.Elegant behavior

4.An elegant mind

5.Gesturing like a lady

6.Speaking like a lady

7.Giving the right gift

8.Responding to invitations

9.A lady out on the town

Rights Update

・Simplified Chinese

About the Author

80 Rules For Elegance

Emiko Kato is an author as well as the president of her own interior design company.  She has written extensively on a variety of subjects including design and proper manners, and her books have sold over 400,000 copies in Italy, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan.  

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