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When you are overwhelmed by unexpected obstacles and challenges, the first thing you need is to change your mindset. Instead of looking for causes behind things, you must quickly turn to look at the positive side of things. With this book, prepare yourself for unexpected life challenges! 

When we encounter problems in our lives, we tend to become obsessed with asking why. Why am I not good at coordinating with my boss? Why can I not relax on weekends? Why do I always care about what others are thinking? And so on and on. But successful people in the world never ask why. Instead of asking why, they act on their problems with a positive mindset. By analyzing historical and famous figures around the world, we’ll see how there are simply 9 habits that these people practice. We can learn from their success and apply that to our own career and life. With rich illustrations and 45 skill sets, this book will change how you think about yourself and make you think positively about life! 


1. Accept who you are    

2. Change your perspective                   

3. Think in concrete terms               

4. Taking multiple perspectives

5. Focus on what you can    

6. Accept your destiny…  

About the Author

Takeshi Furukawa is the CEO of Habitual Consulting. He holds a certificate of NLP master practitioner. With 30,000 corporate and 1000 individual clients, he thinks that habituation is the most important part of career development. In 2016, he did a seminar in China, which accommodated 6000 people. He has written many books on the subject.

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