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A Coloring Book of Japan Heian picture scrolls.





A beautiful coloring book for adults!

Breathtaking pictures based on Japanese history as well as classic Japanese literature including The Tale of Genji and The Tales of Ise.  Even those of us who are not artistic will experience a deep sense of satisfaction and relaxation as we progress through the 80 stunning scenes in this book.

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About the Author

Suzuki is a popular illustrator, who has been released serials in various comic magazines, as well as published a number of her own comic book anthologies. Her comic Dosukoi!! Maji Koi Donto Koi!! garnered great success as a weekly comic exclusive to mobile phone users. Her latest pursuits include titles outside of the story-comic genre, publishing comic-essays such as Buddhism for First Timers (PHP, paperback), and Buddhist Clutter Busting (Discover 21).

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