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1 in 100, 1 in 30—people with developmental disorders like ASD and ADHD are no longer rarity. This book is an essential guide to managers and workers who want to improve workplace for everyone. 

Developmental disorders have been getting more and more attetion these days. Even though people are more aware of it than ever before, it could become quite problematic among people with different levels of understanding. Without knowing what developmental disorders are and concrete cases, we may end up attributing pathological symptoms to personal traits such as laziness and arrogance. Here is the book for you to close such gap, specifically at workplace. Every worker is important but the key player here is manager. It depends on managers whether workplace becomes inclusive for people with developmental disorders. This guide provides full of case studies and a diagnosis manual so that you can start creating a stress free workplace for everyone.


1. Developmental disorders aren’t black and white

2. Detecting developmental disorders 

3. Problems at workplace

4. Case studies for managers

5. Suggestions for workplace

About the Author

Ms. Megumi Sato is the vice director of Kanda East Clinic. She has decades of experience in clinical psychology and psycho social work. She advices a lot of business professionals on daily basis in and out of the clinic. Her book Stress Management for Everyone is regarded highly in the industry.

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