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Everyone wants to have nice things, but not everyone can afford to live lavishly.  The good news is that it’s possible to live in luxury without breaking the bank. 

Anyone can create a beautiful home and elegant outfits with a little bit of simply reworking.  A Life of Simple Beauty will show you that it’s not about the clothing, furnishings, or decorations that you own, but about how you use what you have. 



1.Living a more elegant lifestyle

2.Decorating your house for elegance

3.Just a couple nice articles of clothing can make all the difference

4.Recycled elegance

5.Beauty in culture and the arts

6.Using time effectively to maximize the beauty in your life

7.Creating the most beautiful you

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・Simplified Chinese

・Complex Chinese (Taiwan)

About the Author

Emiko Kato is an author as well as the president of her own interior design company.  She has written extensively on a variety of subjects including design and proper manners, and her books have sold over 400,000 copies in Italy, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. 

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