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It can be fun to save money even when your income is on the lower end. That’s right, with this manga, you can learn how to live a happy life with a small amount of money while saving a lot for the future! 

Sakura is an ordinary part-time worker in Japan, who is living an okay life but wants to save money for the future. After repeated failures, she meets Koji who directs a TV show named “A Money Saving Manifesto” and gets recruited for the show. During the show, Sakura is put in a competition with Ryunosuke, and she needs to save more money than him, in order to win the competition… With these characters in this fun, entertaining manga, you can learn the Yokoyama method, where you turn into a frugal person in just less than 90 days. Once you learn this method, it will stick with you for the rest of your life. Condensed in less than 200 pages manga, the secret to money saving will be revealed to you at last! 


1. Know thyself

2. Visualizing money

3. Habituation for saving

4. Epilogue

Rights Update

  • Complex Chinese (Taiwan)

About the Author

Mitsuaki Yokoyama is a financial planner and the CEO of My FP. He consults people about debt and loans and proposes a fundamental solution to them. His clients so far amount to 10,000 people. He has written several books on the subject and a million seller author, and appeared numerous times on TV, radio and magazines.

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