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  3. A Society With Fluid Money: Why You Should Dwell in Small Economies


“Money isn’t everything,” that much we know already. Then what’s next? The author, a founder of a crowdfunding company, envisions a society of the future—it’s time to update money and economy.

Things are changing. You find projects online where people are supporting individuals they have never met in person. In return, those individuals pursue their passions, doing something socially meaningful. Money is moving fluidly, going beyond traditional boundaries. We are now witnessing a radical shift in how people relate to others in the society. Changes happening are a smaller scale in comparison to the enterprise activities, but surely, we will see a different world not before long. The author invites you to join him for this collective endeavor. 


1. What is the good society anyway?

2. The 21st century lifestyle

3. Keeping a small lantern alive

4. Epilogue 

About the Author

Mr. Kazuma Ieiri is a founder and CEO of Campfire and Base. Born in 1978, Mr. Ieiri led a curious life—dropping out from high school, the youngest CEO of a publicly traded company in JASDAQ, and more—and he is currently running multiple platforms besides his companies. His projects include a shelter cafe for young social misfits and a hippie café in Shibuya. 

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