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No business enterprise can do without periods of rise and fall. Yet, it takes us by surprise when once-prominent firms fail miserably, exposing serious management failure. Why does such failure come out of once “successful” companies? More specifically, what is wrong with Japanese companies? It all comes down to this point: “Your strategy needs a strategy.”

A Strategy for Your Strategy is a book of warning and wisdom for people in executive and manager positions. This book attributes management failure to “successful” business strategies that people blindly apply and follow. His solution could never be simpler: Get the theory right and always know that theory is just theory. Business scenes are always changing, and what theory can do is only to help you adapt to changes.


1. How Companies Fail
2. 10 “Dangerous” Strategies
3. How to Prevent Failure

About the Author

Shinobu Kobayashi is a senior executive at NEC, Inc. Kobayashi has decades of experience in management consulting at Arthur D Little and in finance at Bank of Japan. He received a national scholarship from the UK and earned a masters degree in Economics. Kobayashi has revived hundreds of falling business enterprises. 

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