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The first Asian Super Model Ai Tominaga’s biography!

All her heroic past and feelings are laid bare and her unusual path of becoming the first Asian Super Model is revealed here for the first time.


 Chapter 1: The partially removed photos

  Chapter 2: Expunged ‘Ai’

  Chapter 3: ‘Ai’ in NY

  Chapter 4: The runway of ‘Ai’ and revenge

  Chapter 5: I Hate fashion

  Chapter 6: I hate Ai (Love)

  Chapter 7: The retire declaration

  Chapter 8: Mother and Son

  Chapter 9: Father and Daughter

  Last Chapter: The place for Ai


  Chronological table

About the Author

Ai – I hate Ai (Love) –

Ai Tominaga

Tominaga debuted as a model at the age of 15 and came out to the worldwide runway at NY collection at the age of 17. With her outstanding figure and the power of expression, she overthrew the image of conventional Asian Model in the fashion world. After ten years in the first-line of worldwide fashion world, she became a representative top model of Asia. Now she takes an active part in the world of magazine model, TV, radio and so on.

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