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Once upon a time, in a German town in the nineteenth century, there was a cat that philosophized. His name was Neowtzsche—”All the cats are happy. They do not depend on others, they never envy others.”   

What is this cat? You may ask. People referred to him as “the philosophy cat.” But he was just a cat. No different from any other cats on the streets. Some people might reject this story as a logical failure or an explanatory contradiction. Wait a moment. What exists is not a construct out of human brains, but living beings. Life is possible only by contradictions and failures. Well, this is enough as an introduction. Let us hear what this cat has to say about being a cat—thus writes Japan’s “Nietzsche evangelist” Dr. Shiratori. 


1. Eat to live

2. Be naked

3. Be smart and flexible

4. Solitude and pride

5. Happiness of here and now

6. Sharpen your nails

7. Freedom, equality, love 

About the Author

Cat, All Too Cat: A Philosophy Cat Story

Haruhiko Shiratori is a philosopher specialized in Nietzsche and other German Philosophers. Mr. Shriatori studied philosophy, literature, and religion at Free University of Berlin. His books include a million seller book on Nietzsche, The Nietzsche’s Words, and many others. His clear and concise style of writing has opened up the world of philosophy for the general audience. 

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