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“Limited time and high productivity”—the iron law of today’s business world drives many people crazy. The challenge is to take care of your mental health with the minimum effort. This book is on your side!  

What do you think you can learn from an Olympic medalist? Well, how to build muscles effectively? Yes, but much more than that, they are often experts in mental control as well. The author of this book is an Olympic medalist who mastered the art of mental health, motivation theory, and the power of concentration. With a lot of practical advices, this book unfolds a story of a businessman who learns a lot from an Olympic medalist about how to produce the maximum result, while being in charge of one’s mental wellbeing. With 68 advices in this book, you will master the art of mental management! 


1. Self-awareness

2. Setting goals effectively

3. How to relax your mind and body

4. Key to the power of concentration

5. Mental role play and imagination

6. Self talk and tips

7. Mental condition for great performance

8. Controlling your emotions 

About the Author

Change Just 1% of Your Mental Management to Put Yourself Ahead of 99% of the Rest

Eitaro Kohno

Eitaro Kohno is a Managing Director of Global Business Service at IBM Japan. Within three years of entering IBM Japan he became a leader for personnel reform within the company, heading large projects which helped revolutionize the organization. He is currently working to help improve human resource development.

Kohno is a Tokyo University graduate, and worked for a major advertising firm and foreign advertising firm before joining IBM Japan. 

Miyako Tanaka

Miyako Tanaka is a certified instructor of sports psychology. After winning a bronze medal at Seoul Olympics for synchronized swimming, she started to study sports psychology. She has coached a several international sports teams, and currently serves as a marketing committee of the IOC. Ms. Tanaka received a masters degree from Graduate School at Saint Mary’s College of California.  

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