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“The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master,” you have heard this quote, right? Too often we are led astray by our emotional tendencies. When this happens, we tend to blame others or environments for causing us stress, and end up getting more stressed out. How can we change this negative spiral?

Keep Your Mind Clean is a compact guide to mental wellbeing for people who need to cooperate with others. This book helps you to become aware of your own emotional tendencies and frees you from unnecessary stress. When you are aware of the workings of your mind, you can organize them. Keep it clean!


10 Basic Mechanisms of Mind
Independence from Emotions
Stressful Behavior and Thinking
Free from Stress, Every day!

About the Author

Having attended medical school both  in Japan and in the United States, Dr. Wada Hideki specializes in psychiatry. Wada is one of the first doctors from Japan to gain popularity abroad for his approach to psychology and self-help. He is a lecturer at the International University of Health and Welfare and a psychological advisor at the Kawasaki Koh Hospital. 

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