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Dr. Mana Iwamoto interviewed Parisians in order to find out how they manage to stay young and vital into their 50s and 60s.  What she learned from these conversations was simple, and yet profound.  She found two common threads their replies:

• They don’t worry about age

• The most important thing in life is amour

Enjoy the Sensual Life Like a Paris Madame is packed with insights on how parisiennes live a sensual life, as well as advice on how you can do the same.  Each chapter includes stunning full-color photographs of Paris to further set the mood.


1.The Sensual Life2.Essentials for living a life of passion3.Beauty care, love, and the senses4.Pleasure and desire in Paris

About the Author

Dr. Mana Iwamoto is a dermatologist, journalist, and author.  After gaining clinical experience in Tokyo, she moved to France in 1997 and began researching natural and anti-aging medicine. 

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