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“Genomic analysis? What does it have to do with my life?” you may ask. Ignorance could be bliss, yet in the case of genomic analysis, you are missing out. This book tells you why, how you can benefit from it!

The progress of technology is unstoppable, especially in the field of genomic analysis, and you must keep up with the speed to thrive in a changing environment. However, there exists a deep gulf between cutting-edge technology and people’s understanding. This book won’t leave you behind. The author, a leading researcher of the genomic analysis field in Japan as well as an entrepreneur, explains in plain language what is going on and how this is relevant to us in everyday life. The rule is: “those who adapt to changes will win the game.” Instead of being overwhelmed by changes, this book tells you how to tactfully ride the waves of innovative technology. 


1. Preface

2. Technology revolutionized biology

3. Genomic analysis begins with data

4. All about me is now quantified 

5. Biotechnology is beyond understanding?

6. Biotechnology shows where we are going

About the Author

Dr. Shoko Takahashi is the CEO of GeneQuest. While at the University of Tokyo, Dr. Takahashi started her own company, GeneQuest, that provides an easy way to customers to analyze their genes for medical purposes. The firm has received numerous awards including Real Tech Venture of the Year. A researcher and an entrepreneur, Dr. Takahashi is a leading figure in the field of genomic analysis.    

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