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The name of the game is growth.  The subject of growth is often discussed in relation to emerging nations, but even those of us in developed countries would do well to give it some thought as well.   In this book, author Takashi Nawa talks about exactly what it means to be ever-growing and maturing as a company, and as a nation, in the 21st century.


1.Why global growth?

2.The first look at the world’s top 100 companies3.The LEAP management model4.14 competitive, hand-picked companies5.The 7 Japanese companies leading the way6.Why didn’t these giants make the list?7.How LEAP is changing the way Japan does business

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About the Author

Takashi Nawa is an author, professor of international business, and a senior advisor to several major Japanese brands.  He specializes in solving issues, spurring growth, and restructuring across a wide range of industries.  He has also established two companies whose objective is to support growth in Japan and Asia.

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