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Catch the whale or lose your head!  It is once forbidden to lay a hand on Gonza, the legendary beast that has taken the lives of countless fishermen.  That is until one man was reckless enough to go after it once and for all. 

You must not harpoon the beast. 

Young Goichi grew up wanting to become the chief whale hunter just like his father Jukichi.  But as Jukichi’s worries continued to mount over his poor results, he decided to break the village rules, going after Gonza and sacrificing countless lives in the process including his own. 

His son Goichi was expelled from the village for his father’s foolishness, and even though he could not work in whaling, he never forgot about Gonza.  One day he thinks up a secret plan to catch the great beast.  The only problem is that these actions are strictly forbidden by the shogunate…


The Sanagi Award

The Sanagi Award was established in 2014 as a way for authors, booksellers, and publishers to honor new, compelling works.  The aim of the award is to increase a given book’s exposure, helping it to become a bestseller.

About the Author

Born and raised in rural Gifu, Japan, Kei Shizaka worked in the computer and automotive fields before retiring and starting an online shop.  Shizaka also wrote his award-winning first novel, Toto to Beni (Flowing Crimson), around that same time.

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