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True leadership is infectious, and leaders must be thoroughly immersed in the forefront of the markets, and what is going on in the business scenes. The author, a UCLA graduate, has got this all and became the youngest CEO of Mister Minit in its history. You don’t need a genius or a MBA graduate to make a change to your workplace. What then? You’ll find it in this book.

Infectious Leadership provides a practical, clear-cut answer to one of the most urgent issues for a businessperson in middle class management position: How to trust and move others to implement a new project or strategy? We tend to underestimate what is going on at the forefront of business, but this is false. It matters more than anything to build a pipe between management and player. This book teaches you why and how.


Lost 10 Years of Mister Minit
Building Leadership from Zero
Excellent Human Management
Maximize Talents of Workers
Move Others, Create Vision

About the Author

Shunsuke Sako is the CEO of Mister Minit under Minit Asia Pacific. Sako has worked for Mitsubishi Cooperation and Mother House. At Mother House Sako was involved in its foundational work, including launching its branch in Taiwan. He graduated from University of California Los Angeles with a bachelor degree in Sociology.

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