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So simple, but powerful. All you need to do is write down bullet points of things to do. This book will introduce you to the bullet points journal, and shows how your life can be transformed.

Journals nowadays are getting more and more complicated, with added functions and decorations. Or, They are totally paperless in your smartphone! Well, you might wonder why you must return to a paper, and what’s more, super simple journal like “bullet points journal.” When it comes to journals, we have discovered that simplicity is the key, and the most simple form that bullet points journal offers can make  life so efficient and organized! This journal has grasped hearts of us busy Japanese. Here is for you to try.   


About the Author

Marie is a mother of two children, an elementary school student and a middle school student. She writes on learning English and Chinese with Kindle and smartphone, as well as using paper and digital means for life management. Her book, Small Tricks for Note Taking, was the Amazon bestseller in the time management category. 

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