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From internal meetings to negotiations, to sales, to love and to job hunting—a practicing lawyer teaches you how to persuade people by imagination and evidences.

Backed by psychology and behavioral science research, Masahiko Soji uncovers a secret to result-oriented communication. The author is a lawyer of distinction with decades of experience in the art of persuasion. It takes more than logical thinking to persuade someone—you need to be able to understand from another’s point of view. You can prepare a mood for them to agree to your proposal. This book teaches you how.  


1. Preface

2. Words are not the most effective means of persuasion

3. Overview of the basic mechanism of the human psychology

4. Reasons behind actions off the norms and sense

5. Mastery of the empirically proven tactics of persuasion

6. Postface

About the Author

Masahiko Shoji has been practicing law for more than two decades. Upon his graduation from the University of Tokyo, Mr. Shoji experienced working at several financial firms. He became a lawyer in 1991, and since then has been a lawyer of a surprising level of productivity and success rate. He is a

board member of the Japan Lawyer Ethics Association.     

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