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Dashi is the backbone of Japanese cooking. Though it comes in many varieties, it is generally a light stock made from kelp and dried fish such as bonito or sardines.

Kayanoya Dashi Recipes introduces 85 recipes using the highly sought-after Kayanoya brand dashi from the island of Kyushu. Though traditionally a Japanese ingredient, this book shows just how versatile this magical stock can be. Each recipe is accompanied by vibrant full color photographs.







About the Author

Kayanoya Dashi Recipes

Emiko Yashiro is an longtime editor, CEO, and content coordinator at Atrio.  Over the the years she has had a hand in the creation of books about food and women's issues, as well as practical guidebooks.  Beginning in 2004 she began working as a food content coordinator at Mart magazine, drawing on her years of experience in parenting and her knowledge of trends in the industry.  Some of her projects include Mart Home Bakery, Mart Hawaiian Food, Mart Costco 15 Minute Recipes, and Mart Recipes.  But far from only printed materials, she has also worked as a consultant for food companies and restaurants, providing menu and recipe suggestions.  She has gained wide praise for her ideas on quick, easy, and delicious food for busy people.  She runs an "online salon" as well by the name of Emiko Yashiro's Lifestyle Lab.

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