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“We must not stop. We must keep running, or at least, walking.” A single, content middle-aged man is

seeking a place to settle. He finds an ideal apartment complex for single people in his age, but the place has its bloody, secret history that he is yet to discover… 

With his retirement approaching, an engineer Kuwata starts to look for a retirement house where he can spend his time in peace, away from the busy world. He eventually fiends “Lonely Planet,” where people in his age spend their quiet, single lives. At first the apartment seems to him an ideal place, but one murder after another happens, slowly revealing a painful truth about the place. More than a suspense, this story is about human bonds in the isolated human condition. 


About the Author

Yutaro is a novelist from Fukuoka city, Japan. He started writing novels in 1997.

His novel Lonely Planet won the Book Cocoon Award in 2017. 

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