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This illustration caught the sight of infants.


We started and promoted the "Infant Study Picture-book Project" which is to create a picture-book for infants through scientific study.


We implemented various experiments in this project. When we were studying what shapes infants visualize to the phrase "MOIMOI" an illustration caught the sight of infants, and the infants kept staring at it. The degree of attention was more than double that of other illustrations.


We thought that there was something special about this illustration that drew the sight of the infants, and created the picture-book with the "MOIMOI" character from this experience. It was amazing when this picture-book was shown to infants! The character in this picture-book drew an overwhelmingly high level of attention that even drew the attention of a crying infant.


This illustration which catches the sight of infants was found unexpectedly during the study, even though it was not the initial purpose of the study.


About the Author


Kazuo Hiraki

Professor at the Department of General Systems Studies in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo. He specializes in "Infant Study," and manages the Infant Laboratory at The University of Tokyo. This book project was started because he wanted to create a picture-book truly loved by infants. 

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