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MoiMoi looks like this

Kily looks like this

Infants selected the pictures from images of the phrase.

There is a psychology experiment called the Bouba/kiki effect. This experiment is to show a jagged shape and a rounded shape to people, and ask them which of these shapes is bouba and which is kiki.

Most of the people selected the jagged shape as "kiki," and the rounded shape as "bouba." We naturally seem to connect sounds and shapes.

This picture-book was completed after a similar experiment like bouba and kiki was performed with infants. The shape which may be visualized by infants when they hear the phrase "MoiMoi" and "Kily," travels through the world of onomatopoeia.

Enjoy the marvelous connection between phrases and shapes with your baby.


About the Author

Simal Miura

He is an illustrator. His published picture-books include "Unpotton" (Kinnohoshi-sha), "Upopo upopopo potage soup" and "Kabuton" (Suzuki Shuppan), and "Boku, Umaretayo" (Kyouiku-gageki).

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