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What happens when a whale and a seagull find a young girl lost in the middle of the ocean? They decide to raise a girl together, but obviously, there are many challenges facing their childbearing…

Every single creature in the ocean knows Jima the whale—Jima’s body and heart are as big as an island. One day, in the midst of a wild storm, Jima finds a young girl drifting through the high waves. Jima saves her and ends up raising her on his back. At first Jima struggles a lot, but with cooperation from other sea creatures, he manages to raise Nami the girl. When Nami becomes 5 years old, they decide to go on an exploration to discover Magic Ocean. However, the journey is a challenging one that will put them in danger…


About the Author

Mr. Rintaro Hamaguchi is a novelist. His debut as a novelist is in 2010 with Again, an award winning novel with Popura Publishing. His recent work Confession After 22 Years sold 200,000 copies in Japan. Mr. Hamaguchi also writes for TV programs and drams.

Our Books