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The things we own are a reflection of our personality as well as an extension of ourselves.  You might even say that the way you organize your possessions at home is a microcosm for how you organize your life as a whole.  Ideally we should organize based on how often we use items, which is something that changes based on where you are in your life.

Emiko Kato offers wisdom from her long years of interior design condensed into foolproof methods and charming color illustrations.  You will find tips for every room of the house and beyond!



How do possessions accumulate?

Chapter 1 - 8 rules for neat and tidy storage

Rule #1 - Think about how storage is connected to your daily life

Rule #2 - Keep things where they are most often used

Rule #3 - See storage as a two-step process

Rule #4 - Combine tidying up with other activities

Rule #5 - Store items together that are used together

Rule #6 - Buy just the right amount of consumables (paper towels, toilet paper, etc.)

Rule #7 - Rather than rely on memory, store related yet seldom used items together

Rule #8 - Store so as to preserve precious memories

 Column - Managing your possessions is more useful than the handiest gadgets

Chapter 2

Get started!  Tips from the pros

Column - Everything around you was chosen by you

Chapter 3

Thinking about organization based on where you are in your life

Column - Beautiful organization = Beautiful life

Chapter 4

Different storage techniques for different personality types

About the Author

In addition to her long years of experience as the president of an interior design company, Emiko Kato has written several books on subjects ranging from elegance, good manners, lifestyle, and much much more.  Her works have been published in Chinese, Korean, and Italian. 

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