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From her collaboration with Baccarat in France, to her work in New York, Milan, Frankfurt, and Paris, a prominent artisan of traditional Japanese paper teaches the secrets of what it means to work, and how to be inspired. So what is her approach? She urges young people to consider questions such as the following:

What is work? Why do we work? What does it mean to take pleasure in our job? What kind of issues will you encounter, and how will you grow from them? How high will you set the bar? What does it mean to take pleasure in our life?

In this book, Horiki talks exhaustively about finding perspective to strive and work hard, and how to be a professional regardless of your field. Passion for Work will inspire and encourage, regardless of where you are in your career and in your life.


About the Author

Passion for Work

Eriko Horiki is a pioneer, as well as artist, in the ways of traditional handmade Japanese paper.  With a passion for this traditional art, she revitalized the form, founding SHIMUS and Horiki Eriko and Associates.  Her works have been featured all over Japan and indeed the world including Tokyo, New York, Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, and many many more.

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