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From what age should children be allowed to use a smartphone?  Will schoolwork alone prepare them for the future?  Just what is the “singularity,” and what does can we expect?

The future is open wide.  It is our job as parents, educators, and mentors to prepare the next generation for what is coming.  The AI age will be unlike anything we have seen so far. Raising Children in the AI Age will teach you what to expect, and how to be ready for it.



1.Expertise in the AI age2.Becoming an AI user through STEM education3.Adapting childcare accordingly4.What exactly is AI?5.Predicting the way AI will affect our future6.How AI will affect education

About the Author

Raising Children in the AI Age

During his experience in Silicon Valley, he came to realize that the singularity is a reality that will change our future in the same way that the Industrial Revolution did.  Upon returning to Japan, he developed an AI teaching tool called Quebena, which claims to teach seven times more efficiently than classroom learning.  He has made several television appearances,  and he continues to strive for methods to prepare people for the future.

Our Books